The Art of Sculpting
by Gorak

For almost one year Tibians have been able to try their hand at sculpting from clay and marble. Players simply use their hands to mould clay into one of 3 different statues, or if they are unlucky, the clay disappears. With marble, Players must use an obsidian knife to carve it into one of 3 different statues, but occasionally the piece of marble rock will break. After extensive testing, we have decided to release the results of our research.

Barbarian trying to sculpt the marble

The figure below demonstrates the chance to mould or carve both clay and marble rocks. The data was based upon 11,600 clay lumps and 4119 marble rocks. As you can see, the chances are very similar. Based upon this research, and CIP's predilection for "round" numbers, we estimate the chances for breaking at 62.5%, rough clay/marble statues at 26.5%, normal clay/marble statues at 10%, and pretty/beautiful clay/marble statues at 1%. This means it will take on average 100 clay lumps or marble rocks to gain the first achievement.

Figure 1. Chance to Sculpt from Clay Lumps and Pieces of Marble Rock.

Chance of scuplting Clay and Marble

During the test server for the 2010 summer update, I had the opportunity to discuss some of the issues regarding various achievements with Chayenne, a member of CIP responsible for game content and specifically achievements. Originally these achievements (and we believe ice cubes as well, but it was not confirmed) required 10 statues of the rarest category to be made. At the time, no other monsters except eternal guardians dropped these items and they were only found in the Children of the Revolution quest area that you could only access once a week. Because this achievement would be nearly impossible because of the rarity of the drop and finding the creatures, Eternal Guardians were added to the lower areas of deeper Banuta and these items were added as rarer drops in other creatures. As most people have heard, there is now an achievement for sculpting one and five of these statues. Based upon the initial test server settings, it is highly likely that there is also another achievement for ten as well. To give you an idea of how many monsters you might have to kill in order to gain these achievements, I have listed them in the tables below.

Table 1. Number of Monsters to Kill to get Clay Lump Achievements

Clay kills

Table 2. Number of Monsters to Kill to get Marble Rock Achievements

Marble kills

These numbers seem astounding, especially if you attempt to get these achievements alone. If there is an achievement for sculpting 10 of the Pretty/Beautiful Statues, the amount of experience you would gain is extreme. For example if you were to try to kill Jagged Earth Elementals for clay lumps, without counting the 50% bonus hour, you would gain 130,000,000 experience, or the equivalent of going from level 1 to 200. On the other hand, if you killed Muddy Earth Elementals it would take 45,000,000 experience, or the equivalent of going from level 1 to 141. The moral of the story: if you are a crazy achievement hunter, you should start buying the raw materials or you may never reach your goal.

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