Conjure food research
Research done by:Taki sobie mis
Article written by: Kagonesti

Many players wonder if it is worth the effort to create food with "food spell". Some of them say that food created that way won't even regenerate the mana needed to cast the spell again - therefore it's better to keep the remaining mana and use it on other spells (for example healing). Others state that the food spell in average gives more mana than it consume. Since there wasn't clear answer how exactly it is, our researcher Taki sobie mis decided to check it out!. Below you can see results of his research.

exana pan research results Taki sobie mis did 1600 tests of creating food, after that he has gathered all the food which he summoned to one bp and checked the results.

As you can see after 1600 attempts of food creation he got: 328 hams; 371 meat; 327 cheese; 363 breads; 350 rolls; 340 grapes; 313 apples.

What does that mean? That a chance to get each kind of food is almost equal (14% +/- 1).

Now lets take a closer look at the economic aspect of casting this spell. As you probably know this spell can be cast by paladins and druids, the food eaten by druid regenerates more mana than food eaten by paladin - the additional factor here is promotion - promoted character regenerates faster than non promoted ones.

So lets use Taki sobie mis' research results for this analysis. To cast 1600 food spell we have to use 192000 mana (1600 x 120). Each kind of food regenerates specific number of mana and hp depending on vocation and its promotion, now when we will multiply the number of created food with the mana which single food piece regenerates and then sum results we will get the total amount of mana and hp which would be regenerated. Then we can check if the regenerated mana is higher than the spent on the spell; find the average amount of mana regenerated etc. All of this results are shown on table below.

results table

As you can see only paladin without promotion will be loosing mana by casting food spell on longer scale (in average he will get 105 mana from food created by spell which takes 120 mana) but he will regenerate around 27 hp. Promoted paladin (royal paladin) and druid/elder druid will in average get more mana than the spell consumes - so if you don't have any food its not a bad idea to cast this spell and eat what you have created :).

As always the final decision if its worth to use this spell or not is up to you, but we hope that this research results will help you to make a decision.

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