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 Post subject: I am Unknown Enemy.
PostPosted: 30 May 2015, 03:45 
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Name: Unknown Enemy
World: Antica
Vocation: Knight

Posts: 2
I wrote this little story for a while ago, and we are actually using it as an example in our recruitment process in my beloved guild TSC. But since this section of the board seems to need some posts, I will simply share it with you and I hope you guys and girls will enjoy it!

... The temperature raised faster than I ever felt before.. In my mind I had the feeling that I had when I met Her, but then my blood boiled out of happiness. This time it was something else, something that I never felt before.
I couldn't come up with one single moment that I had felt this way before, not even when my father died in the battle against the angry giant spider outside Venore. Then it was cold blood in my veins, a huge sorrow.. But this time it was something else..
Suddenly it all came clear to me, what I felt was rage mixed with a longing for revenge. I've only been awake for a minute or two, but with this situation it all felt like three hours.. The nightmare was so real, I could hear the screams from my brothers and
and feel the pain from the unknown attackers while their swords were cutting through my eq, into my bare body.. But that wasn't so strange, since it actually happend for only seven months ago. I've never seen them before, nor after this.. They came
out from the shadows and had a clear target; my two brothers. I didn't knew if my brothers were alive or slayed by the crew that came from them, and I thought every day, every hour, that I will never reunit with my beloved family.. Cause that's all that was left of
our big family, only three brothers. Was it only one brother left? Right there I had to make a choice.. I had to decide if I was able to fight for my family and my own honour, or live the rest of my life hidden in the basement of Paupers Palace where I was safe.
Hiding wasn't an option, I had to start my journey. I packed my backpack with all the needed supplies and grabbed my sharp axe and ran towards the boat. I had begun the journey, I'm was a journeyman seeking for justice and what's perhaps left of my family.
The boat stopped in Thais, and I started to search the city.. But without any results. Time to next city.. And next city.. I walked, walked and walked. Slept sometimes. Then walked again.
I traveled for so many weeks, walked through the desert, crossed oceans and brutaly smashed enemies with only one target; to find my brothers. I had one big advantage during my long journey; They thought I was killed in the attack. I became their Unknown Enemy.

<Hail the Seventh Circle!>

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