Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!
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Author:  Dans cruf [ 26 May 2017, 16:09 ]
Post subject:  Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

So in the goal of getting back to producing content, Tibia-Stats will be interviewing CM Burchan in the near future. We are inviting you to take part by posting any questions that you may have for him. Every (serious) poster will be invited to a lottery for yet to be determined rewards. Not every question will be picked, but for contributing you will be eligible for the lottery. Let's think of the lottery rewards as reward B. For any questions that we do pick, you will be rewarded yet to be determined reward A. These rewards won't be anything spectacularly amazing, as we are planning a contest for July also. I will post the rewards once I have confirmed with Rejana.

If you wish to get to know more about Burchan (and to avoid answering questions which he himself has already answered) then check out the featured article and his own post on the forum. Also keep in mind that he is a community manager, and thus is not involved directly with gameplay development.



As of this writing, I do not have a timeline for when the interview will take place. I will update as soon as I have one. Until then, there is no time limit for when questions may be posted. Rewards will be sent to the posting character as to avoid people with multiple tibia accounts attempting to get multiple lottery entries. Also to reiterate, only questions which we believe to be serious and not a lazy attempt at points will be eligible for the lottery.

Author:  Madcuzbad [ 26 May 2017, 16:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

My question for him is:

Have you ever though about how beneficial may be for Tibia to raise the gameplay experience of free account players? Actually exists a very huge gap between free acc and premium acc players possibilites, in the proposal section is a very long thread that gives a good number of suggestion explaining why this idea may improve some essential things like: Overall economy on servers, Population, etc. Also a profitable idea for Cip.


A second question may be:

What do you think about powerabusers? I mean, there are facts in this game that people can't just handle by "Talking peacefully" like some GM's suggested in threads on tibia forums. Powerabusing killing low level players, or chasing players to anywhere preventing them to get EXP (Non PVP servers) generates a lot of frustration that lasts for days/weeks/months until this person quits the game. May this problem be taken into consideration to be handled for a bit by CM's hands?

Author:  Magic Trolo [ 12 Jun 2017, 17:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

What vocation you like the most?

Author:  Ely Blademaster [ 27 Jun 2017, 18:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

Firstly congratulations since it's going to be 1 year for you since you joined the team!

Now my first question is, how is your journey going being on the team? And who bullies you the most, Rejana or Mirade? (Of course bullies you because they care about you! hahaha)

Second question, since you did have to play Tibia to get a better feel for it, did you try to do any quests since Rookgaard? If yes, which would be your favourite and why? What did you enjoy the most about it?

Third question, remember that important book about the orc language that you saved in Rookgaard, well... did you get any information from it that could help some of us understand the language? If you don't want to spoil it completely maybe give us a little more detailed clue about it. I'm sure you must have gained some knowledge about it, so please do share! :)

Author:  Drake Nashor [ 12 Jul 2017, 01:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

my questions are:

1) I'm aware how important is the community for it's game. Reading forums I often see a lot of great ideas and a lot of involved people who's goal is to make Tibia a better game, but their effort offten meets no response at all. Have you considered any new ways for players to get involved into development or improvment of Tibia's content or gameplay? And if so can you give us a hint what could it be?

2) Have you perhaps considered developing more ingame functions that would allow players to communicate more efficently? Maybe something that would allow players find people for teamhunts more easly. Or option to find people who need similar quests as we do?

3) Taking hard work of CipSoft employees into consideration, have you thought of increasing importance of roles such as tutors, to allow trusted players solve some issues for you, or maybe improve the communication between regular players and CipSoft by being some kind of middleman?

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Author:  Alkaroku [ 12 Jul 2017, 03:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

I'm from reddit, new here, and you specified that we can ask 3 questions MAX, so here they go:

For CM Burchan,
1- I suppose you played the game to get a feel, since you are a CM, so What aspect of the game do you like the most, PvP, Mysteriando, Leveling, Questing, etc?

2- So I'm a big fan of mysteriandos and what involves and i think its a great way to make the community join for something, like the banuta door, where the stream had 19k+ viewers. Now my second and last question is: Do you think there is a posibility of someone actually solving the main mysteriandos of Tibia (Bonelord Language, Serpentine Tower, Banuta Island, etc)?

Thanks to Tibia-Stats for the opportunity and obviously to you Burchan for taking the time to answer the questions!

Author:  Archangel Havok [ 12 Jul 2017, 06:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

I have some questions that I would really like to read the answer to:

1. There are several quests and lore that didn't age well at all. A recent post in reddit showed how several new quests are not cohesive with previously stablished lore. Is this the plan for Tibia? In other words: Are you going to stop developing the old lore and focus on creating only new areas and new lore even though it may clash with the previously established universe (aka Yalahar for example)?

2. Regarding Battle-Eye statistics: Are your forecasts (if any) regarding the behavior of the servers, economy, etc coming along correctly?

3. Are you actively working on giving a better user experience when reporting things? We've seen several victims of wrongly accused people that have been banned for things that at a glance seems like nobody ever cared on reading about (selling slug drug on trade channel and getting banned a couple of days comes to mind).

Author:  Dwayne Cragmoor [ 12 Jul 2017, 13:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

(1) The Tibia Forums have been designed a very long long time ago. While additions like the CM Post Archive have significantly improved the usability, there are probably a few things that would also make your life easier. (i.e. a more elegant way to quote people, that allows reader to understand the context of the quote without you having to copy the full post, or a reply to post instead of reply to thread function, so that a reply can be given to a specific question, like reddit, or a upvote system to order posts by likes, also like reddit) What change would you wish for the most?

(2) Recently within the player base many people have the feeling CIP seems to be more open towards feedback and also acts upon it. (With the exception to those that don't understand the relationship between changing something and time consumed) Did anything change during the last year in the way the CMs work, that might have served as catalyst for this change in perception?

(3) Player made content is a great way to learn about Tibia - from FanSites (i.e. TibiaRoyal, TibiaWiki and of course Tibia Stats), videos (i.e. YouTube), forums (i.e. Reddit) to streams (i.e. twitch.tv). What is your most favorite source of information and in the case of videos and streams do you have any favorite channel/ streams? :D

@Dans cruf Unless you have specific guidelines for the interview, aren't you really restircting yourselves with the only one question per person rule? Isn't it enough to say there will be only 1 reward for each picked person no matter how many questions picked. I mean you can still first choose the designated amount of questions to satisfy the contest and then add bonus questions which are simply really good, without it giving any additional reward. After all it might improve the quality of the interview which is the truly important thing right?

Author:  Lion Dias [ 13 Jul 2017, 00:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

Third addon, something that has been partially in-game for a long time, even with Tibia 11 you didn't remove it. Is there any plans on making it an actual thing in the future?

Similar with fist fighting, do you think we will ever see it expanded? Like adding fist weapons, fist training statues or perhaps even a new vocation based on fist fighting?

Author:  Gim [ 13 Jul 2017, 15:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

My questions are:

1) As a CM you need to keep calm and be polite. However, we all know that some Tibians are grumpy as old Donald McRonald. How often are you tempted to be sarcastic or tell someone to go to hell? How do you manage to stay calm? Yoga? Herbal tea? Solitaire?

2) If you yourself could change one thing in Tibia what would it be?

3) Do you play games? If so, what are some of your favorite games? (asking about any kind of games, not necessarily video games)

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