Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!
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Author:  Dans cruf [ 18 Jul 2017, 02:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

We are no longer accepting entries. We hope to have our results within the next few days. Thank you to everyone who has participated.

In order to make assigning entries easier for judging, I will be deleting all of my posts and merging them into this one single post


We are tentatively hovering on a reward of a silver rune emblem of your choosing if you win the participation reward and we will award a tiered goblet for the positioning of the lottery. 1st place in the lottery gets gold, 2nd silver and third bronze. The lottery is automated, we have no control over it so there is no risk of bias.

For the hand picked questions, we will do a minimum of three and a maximum of five (as suggested by Rejana). Myself and two members of staff will pick questions. We will do it based on order of posting to avoid bias. I will look at every 1st, 4th and 7th post. My staff will look at every 2nd, 5th, 8th/3rd,6th,9th question and so on. We have no control over posting order so the chance of bias is minimised. Also keep in mind that we wish to have a fantastic interview so we care about the quality of the questions.

Anyone who has their question picked will win a choice of golden rune emblem as well as a golden trophy of excellence. All winners will get a gold trophy.

If Rejana accepts this, then the rewards will be locked and will not change. If she wishes for change, I will post them here.


I will no longer be accepting submissions from July 17th (Next Monday). I'm at fault for not being clear on if multiple questions are allowed. To compromise, no more than three questions per person and they all must be contained within one post. You will only gain one lottery entry and only one question will be selected by the judges (if any at all) no matter how good each question may be.

Apologies for my lack of communication, I had a crazy vacation which was extremely time consuming.


Dwayne Cragmoor wrote:
@Dans cruf Unless you have specific guidelines for the interview, aren't you really restircting yourselves with the only one question per person rule? Isn't it enough to say there will be only 1 reward for each picked person no matter how many questions picked. I mean you can still first choose the designated amount of questions to satisfy the contest and then add bonus questions which are simply really good, without it giving any additional reward. After all it might improve the quality of the interview which is the truly important thing right?

Don't forget that we already have questions of our own. We also can't overwhelm Burchan with a million questions. This contest is a chance for the community to flex their creativity and be rewarded for doing so.

Author:  Dans cruf [ 28 Aug 2017, 10:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

My apologies for the delay. As I've alluded to elsewhere on the forum, 2017 has been a heck of a year for me, a chain of interconnected events. I am currently dealing with a temporary case of homelessness which makes pc and internet things impossible. The timing is bad, but it was unavoidable. I'll soon be in a new place of my own but until I am settled I am unable to finish this contest. Rest assured that it will still be finished when I am able to do so.

Author:  Dans cruf [ 24 Apr 2018, 00:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with CM Burchan - Post your questions!

Sorry for the silence over the last few months. Homelessness is quite the thing. So because of how long it has taken for this interview to taken place, it was agreed with Rejana to skip the contest but to reward everybody who took part. Everybody has received a golden rune emblem. Thank you everyone for your participation. Hopefully the next contest will go more smoothly

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