Tibia-Stats create a quest contest
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Author:  Dans cruf [ 22 Jul 2015, 00:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tibia-Stats create a quest contest

The final winners have been decided. As requested by many of you, CIP have chosen the winners directly, rather than going to a player vote.

The scope of a possible contest entry was really wide and a lot was left
to the participant. So the entries differed quite a lot in presentation
and as well in what aspects of a quest they contained. That made judging
difficult, because, since it hadn't been defined what is important, we
couldn't check for these aspects whether that goal had been achieved or
not... So some was really left for personal taste.

Nevertheless, we received results, and we both are pretty happy with
them... We each gave points for each entry, between 1 and 9, 9 being the
best. Both top 3 places ranked high in both of our individual votes, so
we hope that many can agree with us...

1st place: Aira Hirasaka

- The Shrouded Island:
Rejana: 7 points - Mirade: 9 points = 16 points!
(comment: the quest ranked pretty high for the both of us, it is pretty
complete, we were both able to see the quests with the description
given, the twist with Troja was very nice and also the rewards were
fitting to that.)

2nd place: Orkara

- The Secret of Fancy island:
Rejana: 8 points - Mirade: 7 points = 15 points!
(comment: also a very complete, however, in comparison to the first, too
complicated. However, the idea is really cool, the presentation very
well. It did contain really creative elements as well, it also ranked
pretty high for the both of us.)

3rd place: Hardstyle Zebra

- Tamer's Passion Quest:
Rejana: 6 points - Mirade: 8 points = 14 points!
(comment: this is a rather small but really nice quest, straight
forward, easy to understand, good idea! Also the rewards are really
great, players would definitely play this, we both liked it!)

...here's the rest of our ranking (without comments, this would go a bit
too far...):

- The Tibian Apocalypse
Rejana: 9 points - Mirade: 4 points = 13 points

- Spoonweaver
Rejana: 2 Punkte - Mirade: 6 points = 9 points

- The Stone Watchmen Quest
Rejana: 3 points - Mirade: 5 points = 8 points

- Stonecold the Master / Saving the princess
Rejana: 4 Punkte - Mirade: 3 points = 7 points

- The Recovery of Emotions
Rejana: 5 points - Mirade: 1 points = 6 points

- The Dragon's Curse Quest
Rejana: 1 point - Mirade: 2 points = 3 points

Congratulations to our three winners! I will contact each of you individually to discuss rewards. Remember that of the three choices, first place gets first pick, second place gets his pick of the remaining two and third place gets his choice of the final reward. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Feedback is still welcome (for both the contest and for participants who wish to have their entries commented upon). I hope everyone is satisfied with the way the contest has been handled and has no complaints about how the winners were chosen.

P.S Punkte is German for points. I'll clean up the quote a little in the morning. I copy abd pasted straight from the email after getting home at 11pm

Author:  Lupus Aurelius [ 22 Jul 2015, 02:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tibia-Stats create a quest contest

Congratulations to the winners!. It was an amazing contest indeed and I had lot of fun.
I must say that I'm satisfied by how the event was handled and how you created and keept a communication channel with the users. You have earned my respect and for sure I'm gonna take part of your future events.

Author:  Orkara [ 22 Jul 2015, 15:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tibia-Stats create a quest contest

Big thx at Tibia-stats to create this contest in the first place and congratulation to the other 2 winners.

It was a lot of fun and it was nice to read other peoples creations and ideas regarding quests, questdesigns and functionality. I only hope cip realizes this and implements some of the ideas behind the quests in some new update.

The choosing process was fine. fair and transparent. To upgrade it in the futur some kind of "pointmatrix" could be used to give a better view how strong several parts of the contest are weighted. This would reduce a bit the "personal view" on matters and bring in some neutral data but overall its more work for the creator-team.

And i would love to to take part in future contests of this style. As suggestion this time you asked only for a quest for your big contest maybe make it a "new area" that would include quests, monster and item designs, rewards and much much more. There are already alot of nice ideas in the proposalboard towards this matter.

As sidenote from cips answer to you:
"(comment: also a very complete, however, in comparison to the first, too
complicated. ..." if my quest were complicated what level do they give to knightmares questdesigns?

My guess "impossible" ;p

Author:  Akuma Nikaido [ 22 Jul 2015, 15:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tibia-Stats create a quest contest

Congratulations to all winners. You made it!

Author:  Aira Hirasaka [ 23 Jul 2015, 03:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tibia-Stats create a quest contest

I don't know what to say, I'm incredible happy right now.

Congratulations to everybody else too! I've enjoyed reading every submission too.

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