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 Post subject: Interview with CM Burchan
PostPosted: 23 Apr 2018, 00:39 
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Tibia-Stats recently got the opportunity to interview CM Burchan. Here is our interview

Hello Burchan. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. Could you give a quick introduction to players who haven't seen any of the articles or posts about yourself? (So quick info about yourself, how you came to Cip and your hobbies)

Hello everyone, my name is Burchan. I am 28 years old and live in Regensburg. I am an enthusiastic cook and spend a lot of my free time strolling through the many parks and forests in and near Regensburg. In the evening I often meet with my friends at the regulars' table or spend some time with my beloved girlfriend on the couch. I like to read a lot and if the time and motivation allows it, you can also find me in the gym.
I started working at CipSoft right after I finished my studies. I have always been very interested in all different kinds of communities; how they form, how members interact with each other, and what can ultimately be created even by small communities. Even though I have been part of communities myself, I have actually never managed one before that time.

That's cool, thank you! We are looking forward to getting to ask you questions. So in no particular order, here are some questions!

1. You are approaching your two year anniversary with Cipsoft. How do you feel you have progressed in your CM role in that time?

Actually, I'm quite happy with my progress so far. Especially at the beginning it was very difficult for me to grasp Tibia in its entirety. At that point in time, the game was already 19 years old and every single player had significantly more knowledge of Tibia than I did. I read an incredible amount of threads in the forum and looked up everything in our internal documentation only to realise that I would probably never completely catch up on this knowledge.
Luckily, I did not have to. I found myself in a comfortable position because my two colleagues Mirade and Rejana are old hands in the business, which is super helpful when it comes to everlasting topics like PvP or vocation balancing, for example. However, since so much has changed in the last two years and I had the chance to moderate most of these changes in the forum, I can proudly say that I have acquired a respectable knowledge of the mechanics, the lore and most of the peculiarities that make Tibia so special.

2. Besides your role on the forum with interacting with the community and gathering feedback, do you have any other tasks that we aren't aware of?

Besides Tibia, I am also responsible for the Panzer League community. At the moment the game is still in softlaunch in selected countries of South-East Asia. As soon as we launch the game in more countries I will also intensify my activities as a community manager for this game.
In addition, we community managers are considered stakeholders in our company, so we are often asked for our opinion on various topics. Representing the wishes and opinions of players in the planning or approving phase of new projects is therefore another important area of responsibility for all three of us.
Apart from that, I am also often providing feedback to our content and development team when it comes to finding solutions for reported bugs, and I participate in meetings to gather input for the next planned dev note, for example.

3. You came into Tibia during a stage of evolution that has seen the introduction of many controversial features such as the advancement of the tibia store and the lag inducing anti-ddos. I believe these features are added with the best intentions, but as a player of 13 years and an observer of the community, player hostility at the time of your joining was at an all time high. Criticism is to be expected of course, but you joined in the middle of a march through Mordor. What were your initial thoughts of the community when you first started your CM role?

I had my first interactions with the community in the comment section of my Featured Article "Step by Step, little Burchan". In there, everything was relaxed and mostly positive. I had of course read many threads before and knew that this "peaceful" state would not last forever.
In the beginning, it was an unusual situation for me to be confronted with negative feedback. At that time, we had to deal with significantly more problems than we do now. There were no game worlds in South America yet, which resulted in connection problems and higher ping for the majority of our players. As if this was not enough, we were often victims of ongoing DDoS attacks and we could not present a satisfactory solution in our fight against botting back then, either. All these were of course hot-topics that affected players in a really bad way and it was only understandable when they let off steam in the forums. Having to deal with the situation that these hot-topics came up again and again even in completely unrelated threads was quite hard to get used to, admittedly. However, after some time I learned how to separate between constructive criticism and ranting or trolling.

4. Over the course of 2017, many positive features were added to the game such as expansions to the Tibia 11 client, connection optimisation and of course, BattlEye. What are your thoughts and experiences of the changes (if any) from the community over 2017 and now that the dust has settled on both the controversial and the welcomed features, what is your experience like in 2018?

All in all, I can say that those changes have been very well received. I am happy that we have managed to address these hot-topics and provide a better gaming experience now. Even if the Tibia 11 client, especially in its early stages, had a very hard standing in the community, for example, it now shows its strength and proves the necessity to say goodbye to the old technology of Tibia 10 and the Flash client in order to make Tibia well prepared for the coming years.
Of course, such positive changes can also be seen in the community. The off-topic comments in all kind of threads that I mentioned in my previous answer have become significantly less. I also think that the dev notes are a good possibility to share our thoughts and plans with the community and to involve players who are interested in the development process. Of course there will always be topics that are controversial and that are not really suitable for open debate due to them being strategic business decisions, but I still have the feeling that there is an overall good atmosphere at the moment.

5. What is the biggest change (ingame or out) that you have witnessed and what did you think of it from your employee perspective and from your perspective as a player?

For me it is clearly the Tibia 11 client. Rebuilding the whole client from scratch was a really good decision. Even though the early days were still marked by many bugs and technical difficulties, the client changed the gaming experience in Tibia for the better. Great features like the Bestiary could not have been implemented in the old Tibia client at all or only in lower quality and with a significantly higher effort. This benefits our development team, of course, because they have more time and resources for other tasks and projects, and thus also the players, since they get new and better features.

6. From Diaba Dos Infernus of the Tibia-Stats Team - Describe your personality by naming a tibian race and tell us why does this fits you the most.

Looking in the mirror when I get to work early in the morning I would definitely go with zombie but since I do not really feel dead inside and you have been asking for my personality I would rather go with lion, which is by the way also my zodiac sign. Usually, I do not beat around the bush but prefer speed and effectiveness in my life. However, once the work is done, I do not mind lying in the sun for the rest of the day while my female partner takes care of everything else. :p

7. This question was asked by Alkaroku on our forum. " suppose you played the game to get a feel, since you are a CM, so What aspect of the game do you like the most, PvP, Solving Mysteries, Leveling, Questing, etc?"

Generally I am fascinated by the lore. I am someone who, when I play a game, takes a lot of time to explore everything. I want to travel to every far-away place in the world, read all books and notes and immerse myself in the stories the world wants to tell. Tibia offers a lot here. It is not understandable to me, when I read from time to time that Tibia would have little to offer lore-wise. Tibia is different from other games in many ways and that includes the necessity to gather most of the information by yourself. This can be quite time consuming. Many players skip that and rush through things reading spoilers and tutorials. Which is totally fine as well, however, in my humble opinion, it is worth it to spend the time exploring things yourself in Tibia. I can only encourage people to go to the libraries to connect the dots. Talk to the NPCs and listen to their stories and you won't be disappointed.

8. What level and vocation is your highest level tibia character and what do you enjoy about playing it?

I am deeply ashamed to admit that I do not really have any high level characters in Tibia. To my defense, neither do I in other games. I consider myself more of a passive player and I spend way more time watching streams and "let's plays" of games than actually playing them myself.
In Tibia, I also sometimes sacrifice my characters for the greater good, in an attempt to reproduce situations reported as troublesome by players, for example. So I end up being online and afk from time to time, and therefore often die a passive, yet crucial PvE or PvP death. This happens way more often than I would like to admit. Since I am too greedy and cheap to buy any blessings, such deaths really hurt my levelling progress, too.

9. Do you have any fun stories to share about your experiences behind the scenes or ingame?

Well you know there is this thing with Germans and humour. Those two do not really go together very well. Especially since my humour is darker than unexplored areas on the minimap, I am afraid I would only scare people away if I share such stories.

10. This question comes from Archangel Havok on our forum - "I understand that you can't give full details but it would be cool if you could answer with what you are able to. Regarding Battle-Eye statistics: Are your forecasts (if any) regarding the behaviour of the servers, economy, etc coming along as you had hoped or do they maybe exceed expectations?"

I am afraid I cannot contribute valuable insights here. The analysis of the effects of BattlEye on the game worlds is outside my area of responsibility, therefore I cannot make any reliable statements concerning that topic.
Personally, I believe that BattlEye will have only positive effects. In any case, I have the feeling that the socialising aspect has regained importance on the individual game worlds through the integration of BattlEye.

11. What sort of activities do you like to do in game?

Well, as I said, I spend a big amount of time in the libraries or just strolling around in Tibia to find new adventures and things to explore. I type some friendly words in the English chat from time to time and collect empty vials from the floor.

12. If you had magical powers and could implement a game feature that is appropriate for Tibia, what would you introduce?

Hypothetically speaking, I would really enjoy seeing monsters being able to use imbuements as well. Many of those poor fellows are dying like flies since Tibians discovered the power of imbuements and it would only be fair if the shapers could share their wisdom with their colleagues as well.

Thank you very much for your time! We hope that you enjoyed yourself and we look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring to Tibia!

It was a pleasure, thanks for the interview!

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 Post subject: Re: Interview with CM Burchan
PostPosted: 23 Apr 2018, 20:43 
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Interesting read, thanks for that Dans.

Hope you are well.


"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."-H.E. Luccock

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