More Detailed Info in "My Account"
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Author:  Keizerr [ 15 Aug 2012, 03:41 ]
Post subject:  More Detailed Info in "My Account"

At this moment:

When people click My Accountthey can see :

* Kill Stats Here u can find Most Hunted Creatures
Strongest Killed Creatures
Total Amount Of Killed Creatures
Killed amount/Creature
The Exp gained/Creature
Damage Dealt/Creature
Creatures sorted by Solo And Or Party Hunt

*Loot Stats Here u can Find Total Amount of items looted
Total Money looted
Item Loot stats sorted by most valuable
(total) Loot value/item and its total value

*Recent Loot List Here u can find Hour and date from hunt
Loot & Creatures Killed/ certain date &time
Loot value total & by creature
Total Items Looted

What I propose are small details:

*Kill stats Proposal : An X ( Delete Button ) next to each creature.

=> For Example: Most Hunted Creature List is a nice to know feature but when i'm hunting for a while in ankrahmun or port hope alot of very easy creatures will fill the list, i think its a even beter to have feature, if people can delete the 'easy creatures' out of the list to see what other creatures are also most hunted creature and maybe even more interesting to hunt that ones.

Of course the choice of deleting the creature out of the list is all up to the owner of the account.

Or Add instead of 12 most hunted and Strongest killed creatures a list of 20 Most hunted & killed creatures.
As for me find it very interesting to keep up all that data.

Loot Stats Proposal

I would like to see more than the 15 most valuable looted items
, if i can see for example the 30 most valuable looted items i can see better where i have found that certain item wich has a good value so i might go back to that certain place so i can find another one of that item.

Tibia has become a game with alot of high lvl's wich i never expected 10 years ago that even a lvl 250 would be possible , wich is now a normal lvl. I people with alot of hunt history would love to see more stats

Recent Loot history is very detailed and have nothing to propose for that


*Proposal what "not top players" would like

Add Personal Gained/Loosed Exp/day
This is already visible at 'My Account' => the Recent Loot History but i think it would be very handfull to add an extra colum into 'My Account' with Exp Gained/loosed/date of data so when u click on it u can better keep up your own personal best or worst day u had in the week/month

Edit II

*Maybe also add the total time of hunting if this would be possible

-hunted ..hours/that day and i can see what creatures i have killed and what items i have looted on the stats

-next day hunted ..hours/that day and i can see what creatures i have killed and what items i looted the next day

=> Now i can see by myself where i can hunt better with most exp/ best loot .. in that amount of time.

Any helping comment is welcome & Thanks for the reading time =)

Yours Keizz

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