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 Post subject: A Small Reseach about Magic Level Advancement on Rookgaard!
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2012, 05:33 
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Fist of All, I just registrated and I am not sure about if its the right place to post it but I did not see any other place that it fits. Anyway, feel free to move this post wherever you want as long as its destination is not the recycle bin =D

Well, that's my first almost-a-research, so I decided to do something easy and not very long, so don't be so mean with me, ppl =)
Also, feel free to point any confusing parts or grammar errors and correct me. I am not very familiar to English as I wished to be.

Let's Start

Have you ever wondered how would be the Rookie's Magic Level if there was Spells on Rookgaad?

With the Winter update 2012, the Festivial of Initiates, where the newcomer is guided through the basic gameplay of each job, has been added and, consequently, the possibility to spend mana using tutorial basic-spells.


On the test server, this year, a test server assistant was added South of Lilly? Shop to serve as a shortcut for tester?s new characters, by giving 4200 Exp necessary to advance from level 1 to 8, and sending them straight to the Isle of Destiny. This feature, however, had a side effect: Any player could leave Rookgaard at any level and carrying any amount of Money they want. Actually, fating your destiny through the Oracle NPC, you need to be between level 8 and 9, and you are blocked from having more than 2k.

This article?s data were collected using the simplest way available: A level 13 No Vocation character (70 total mana points) was taken to Island of Destiny using the Test Server Assistance, carrying a couple of Crystal Coins in the pocket. Another character, a Knight not taken to mainland yet, able to trade to the Shop NPC was used to buy all the Mana Potions needed to speed up the testing. Once brought, all the Potions were transferred to the No Vocation who has learnt the Apprentice Healing Spell (Exura dis ? 5 mana) where I started to get the Data at a protection zone are where there is not possible to regenerate Mana or HP by eating food.


You advanced to Magic Level 1

To advance from 0 to 1, my test subject had to spend its 70 total manapoints 22 times, plus another 60 manapoints on the 23th time. This way, we have 70 Mana * 22 times = 1540. Now we add the 60 Manapoints remain and got a 1600 Mana result.


As you can see, just like any vocation in Tibia, those who have none also have to spend 1600 mana to reach Magic Level 1.

You advanced to Magic Level 2

To reach Magic Level 2, the same 70 total manapoints had to be spend 68 times, plus another 40 after that. So, now we have 70 manapoints * 68 times = 4760. Plus, we have to add 40 mana points from the 69th time, that equals 4800 Mana spent.


This time, as you can see, there's a 3 times higher cost to advance form Magic Level 1 to 2

You advanced to Magic Level 3

To the 3rd Magic Level, my test subject had to spend its 70 total mana another 205 times, and an addition of another 50 Mana. Now, there?s a 70 total mana * 205 = 14350, plus 50 mana, that results on 14400.


Again, there's a 3 times higher mana cost to advance from level 2 to 3.

Data Comparision

As it seems, a Non Vocationed Character, besides his mainly attack and time to regenerate mana eating food, is also equal to Knights when we talk about Magic Advancement. Keeping this in mind, we can use some math to reach the following results:

To advance from Magic 3 to 4, a Rookie should spend 43 200 Manapoints
To advance from Magic 4 to 5, a Rookie should spend 129 600 Manapoints
To advance from Magic 9 to 10, a Rookie should spend 31 422 800 Manapoins

Bringing it back to Rookgaard?s actual scenario, where there are no Mana fluids avaliable, a character should need 1 hour and 20 minutes of non-stopping food regeneration to reach Magic Level 1. For the next Magic Level, it should need another 4 hours of regeneration. As for the advancement of 2 to 3, the time needed should be another 12 hours non-stopping regeneration.


- Besides the Mana Regeneration while eating food, a No Vocation Advances in Magic as slowly as a Knight
- According to Gorak's Magic Skilling research, a Knight training 24hours a day, 7 days on a week while eating food during a year would be Magic Level 8. So does a Rookstayer


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 Post subject: Re: A Small Reseach about Magic Level Advancement on Rookgaa
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2012, 18:21 
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Nice article and research!

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 Post subject: Re: A Small Reseach about Magic Level Advancement on Rookgaa
PostPosted: 11 Dec 2012, 00:32 
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Its a nice article indeed :), now I wonder if rookstayers will fight for the highest magic level ranking :).

If you don't mind I will move it to research section

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