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 Post subject: Re: Skilling research - melee fighting [article discussion]
PostPosted: 12 Jun 2014, 03:00 
Name: Lord Tamarack
World: Luminera
Vocation: Knight

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Iv been looking into training for melee for awhile as i love playing a knight and want to be able to do the best possible melee damage as being one, and in this game almost all knights are viewed at being blockers and palys being the best at single physical damage class which has drivin me to be the best at melee damage which is hard on this game, but during this i have learned and still learning a few interesting things paying very close attention and testing stuff multiple times. I should really start working on what iv learned on my main knight more but i do get distracted if i just sit for a long time.

Things i welcome you to test to confirm~
Basic melee(axe,sword,club) Skilling.
Seems iv gotten closer to figuring out what all effects this but im sure there will be more that i will learn but...
People thinking the time after a blood hit for training to advance is 30 secs, Instead its a max of 20 hits worth and you must bleed on the 18th or 19th hit for it to keep advancing without any delay, There is also a time limit for how long you are able to advance, and its near 23-25 secs which this could use more looking into. Im sure its known that both armor hits and shield hits(puffs) count for advancement, blood hits dont always count for it tho in terms of melee training. If you start training the first blood hit will not count to advances, all other blood hits after this will count and will reset the time/hits you are able to do. Bleeding the target every 18th/19th hit is to only insure advancing without delay while bleeding every few hits just allows you not having to keep counting how many hits you do, One other thing on training melee that i have noticed is training shielding actually has a very small delay in melee advancement. not to sure how to explain this but... from what i can tell it lowers the window of time and hits on the monster and it seems to be even tho i bleed something every hit the advancement of shielding prioritizes over melee. best example i can do is training both at the same time and they both will advance within the same round, when the time for advancement comes instead of both going up in a % shielding only will as if the round for melee did not count.
I have trained with both one handed weapons with a shield and 2 handed weapons, done this multiple times of a few different characters to make sure of it, And from what iv seen happen by training with a 2 hander there is 0 delay of any kind. trained 2 deferent characters with the compleatly same skill level's and %'s and with the same time to the second. one with a shield and one with a 2 hander, same monsters same everything except for the blood hits which i kept atleast every 18th/19th hit. at the end of the training test the one with the 2 handed weapon was 20% ahead in skill level compared to the one with the shield and 1 hander. both were skilled to 50 axeing.

now for the 2nd major thing i figured out, fist fighting actuly has a use..... been slowly getting my fist fighting up on my ek which i havent been lvling much and i like to do single target attacks on monsters so i use bleed, about every 5 fist fighting lvls it increases bleed damage by about 1-2 points, doesent seem much but works good when the bleed starts at 50. gonna test this out alot more on a character made for only to test it for details to be pin point which may take abit...

And if anyone from here wants to talk about this to me in game you can find me on luminera, i got alot of characters tho so best just looking at the guild ebon order and seeing which character im on lol.

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 Post subject: Re: Skilling research - melee fighting [article discussion]
PostPosted: 01 Jul 2014, 15:33 
head researcher
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Name: Gorak
World: Refugia
Vocation: Paladin

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Lord Tamarack wrote:
Things i welcome you to test to confirm~

Your discussion about the number of hits and training is discussed in the article and essentially confirms your observations (look for the section on perfect training).

Lord Tamarack wrote:
now for the 2nd major thing i figured out,

What you think about bleed damage is interesting. Would be worth looking into more.

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